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4,000 Developers + New Template & Page!

and yes, more than 4,000 developers already choose Appsmoment.com
for building apps! Thanks to all of you!

Also, we are super exciting to present you a brand new template -
MobileOrdering. You can create a real webstore with
ordering food or anything else directly from your app.

Check out new template here:

Lastly, we created a new page type - Product Order
This is the best way for you to start taking orders for the products
you're selling using the mobile app.

And here is a tutorial about how to use this new page type:

And finally, very shortly we are going to celebrate our first anniversary
of Appsmoment.com! That's why brand new webinar is coming with tonnes of
new information!

More news will come shortly!

Angela A.
Co-Founder of