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WOW! 10,000 Developers + New Lesson #17 - Drawing Apps


And first of all, we are super exciting to announce that
we reached 10,000 developers on our board!!! Yes, 10,000 developers
now use Appsmoment.com for creating awesome application fo iPhone,
ipad, Android and Kindle devices.
We really super proud about that and thank you one more time
for your choice and trust in us.

Also, we are glad to announce you a new lesson from Appsmoment Academy #17!

In this lesson you are going to find out how you can create beautiful drawing apps very fast:

And lastly, we just finished updating our iPhone and Android
previewers with the latest features. Now, you can upgrade them
and test your apps on your device.

More news will come shortly...

Maksym V
Co-Founder of Appsmoment.com