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Our Anniversary + New Templates + NEW GAMES


I am super glad to announce that Appsmoment is celebrating
2 years anniversary in this month.

Yes, yes, 2 years ago Appsmoment.com started and
thank you all of you for choosing our system and staying with us!

Now, 2 years after we started our company, we
are proud to tell you that Appsmoment.com is #1 application
and mobile sites builder in the world!

Just have a look at the next stats:
- over 12,000 developers on board
- over 300,000 apps published
- over 6,000 support tickets answered
- over 37,00 total views at our videos
- over 100 app templates inside
- over 100 app features inside

So... as I promised you in the previous letters,
during the last month we worked really hard to present you
some very cool bonuses.
And... they are:

- Brand new design of Appsmoment
- 10 new app templates
- and... GAMES!!!! Yes GAMES!!!

Here is special video about our bonuses for all our members:

And again thanks one more time for choosing us and staying with us

More news will come shortly...

Maksym V
Co-Founder of Appsmoment.com