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Special Announcement - Appsmoment is paying for your apps

and I have super exciting news for you!
I really want that you will make very fast your first income
in application business. That's why Appsmoment is going to pay
you $2 per each live application in amazon marketplace.


Here are details:

Step #1 - Go to appsmoment.com and start build any application.

Step #2 - Publish Your application at Amazon marketplace
Step #3 - Share with me link to your amazon app:

And that's it!
We are going to pay you $2 per each live application in Amazon store.
Please note that this is coming only for new apps.

However, that is not the end, because I also care about quality of apps.
That's why we have another challenge for you guys.
We prepared for you $100 in bonuses for the best 2 apps!
Yes, during your submission, we will select 2 best amazon apps and
each app will receive from us $50 in cash.
How cool is that?

Here is video tutorial on this special offer and how to publish application
into Amazon marketplace:

In such case you would see that it is super easy to make apps and profit from them.

More news will come shortly...

Maksym V
Co-Founder of Appsmoment.com