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AppsMoment Review on Compamarket + Interview with Compamarket VP Business Development

Recently AppsMoment review appeared on the Comparakeet. We were really happy to hear all that good words about our service and hope you will be happy to read them too:)


Compamarket publishes really great reviews that cover different sides of the website and app builders and other services and products for internet entrepreneurs so we got curious about how they work to get so much done.


(AppsMoment) How many web services do you review each week?


(Jonathan Carmel VP Business Development) Currently we review 30-40 services per week depending on the depth of the categories. We are trying to reduce the number of reviews we write in order to focus more time on each product and service which we feel deserves a spot in one of our top 10 charts.


What is the size of your team?


(Jonathan Carmel VP Business Development) We are a small company of 10 people and growing fast. We started 2015 with just 3 people and we are looking to finish 2016 with 40.


You have separate categories for wedding sites and churches. Is there a big demand for such website builders?


(Jonathan Carmel VP Business Development) There is a huge demand for all sorts of different website builders, that's why we had to break the website builder category into 10-15 separate niche website builder categories. The same goes with web hosting.


What other categories would you add basing on their popularity?


(Jonathan Carmel VP Business Development) We would love to try and expand out of services into more products. There are so many products that consumers are completely misinformed about and we would like to remedy that situation. Additionally, it would be great to get into the travel space (flights and hotels), that way maybe we could get some "free trials" to some cool destinations. :)


How do you choose products for the review?


(Jonathan Carmel VP Business Development) We have a team leader who picks the next categories for us to work on and then he will assign it to a category manager. The category manager scours the internet for any and all information regarding the subject. Typically, he will create a list of the top 20-30 products and then the whole team, including the team leader and writers, will decide which make the Top 10 and which we should promote on those pages. It's usually quite easy to figure out what goes in a Top 10, the difficult part is placing the top 3 products since they're usually all very good.


How will your team celebrate 2016 New year?

(Jonathan Carmel VP Business Development) Since it's already 2016, I'll tell you how we celebrated...We celebrated behind our desks at work of course! No, I'm kidding. Most of us were at home with our families. A few of us managed to get out of the house for drinks with friends as well. We are looking forward to a great 2016 and hope for the best for AppsMoment as well!