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Please Help With Donation For Medical Equipment!


during the last years people are more online doing business,
friendship, playing games, watching videos online.
But we also do need remember our offline world and especially
children. They do need our help and our love, especially
when they need medical help and assistance.

For that reason, for the first time me and my friends decided
to do something to help little children. And we found out
that situation with medical equipment is so critical at hospitals
in my country, in my city.

We would like to ask you for your help with buying special medical
equipments for reanimation children's department.

We do want to buy 3 special drop counters for babies in reanimation department
and we need $3500 for that. That's why any your help is important for us!!!

Please help us with this project and I believe that all of us can
change this critical situation with medical equipment



Maksym V 
Co-Founder of Appsmoment