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Thank You And Revmob


as you remember, we asked for your help at the end of April 2013 with 
donation for special medical equipment in reanimation department for babies.
And today we are super glad to inform you that finally we collected nearly $5,000 
and we presented medical equipment to our hospital.
That's why we would like to thank all our members which helped us and donated funds 
to us! Every single dollar was very important for us! Thank you one more time!

Also, we would like to inform you that Revmob ads are live again for Android applications.
Revmob is one of the best ad platform which you can use with our system. 
However, we disable Revmob for some time due to antivirus problems. 
And now, Revmob is live again with all fixing bugs and errors!

Lastly, we are going to present something very special at the end of this week. :-)
This is a special secret which you will love it.

More news will come shortly

Maksym V 
Co-Founder of Appsmoment