Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I add admob to my apps with appsmoment platform?

Yes, you can monitise your apps by add banner and Interestial to your apps developed at APPSMOMENT.

Can I develop both iOS and Android Apps on Appsmoment platform?

Yes, with single development at APSSMOMENT you get app files for both iOS & Android Platform.

Do I get support while development if I need help or have issues?

Yes, we help all developer members with technical assistance, ideas and consultations.

How can I start developing apps at appsmoment platform?

The best path would be to subscribe to a plan and watch all our tutorial videos that are 2 minutes short videos and you will get an idea on how to best use the platform and use applicable features and modules to fulfill your goal.

Can I start a Mobile Apps development Business with Appsmoment platform?

Yes, of course we have a reseller business model that is white label that you can easily brand with your brand name and start your own Apps development business in just few hours.

I have an issue what should I do now?

open a support ticket at  and our team will help you shortly.

Are the apps developed compatible with latest iOS & Android dev guidelines?

Not to worry we are the latest and most updated platform in market. Yes, we regularly keep the platform updated to current market trends.

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