Why businesses needs Apps?

May 14, 2021

by admin

Business Visibility

Having a Business Mobile App increases the business visibility. Today on average a person spends 16% of his time on phone having an app is a direct communication channel with your customers and prospects .

Profit Building

No one wants to wait for when placing order and receiving order updates. A user friendly Mobile App that makes your order processing system fast and easy can increase the order in turn profits by 66%.

Audience Creation

Website addresses can be lost in the crowd of millions of website but app once installed on the phone is a direct switch to the business and services and a relationship between customer and business.

Push Notifications

Push Notification allows a business to send messages directly to mobile device irrespective of time and place. This can help a business keep the customer updated with News, offers, order updates, deals, etc.

Competitive Advantage

Not many companies focus on Mobile Apps as Marketing and sales tool. Be the pioneer and taking advantage of this medium to educate your brand and increase recognition 

Better Customer Service

As per business studies a direct iterations with the customer increase the customer satisfaction by 88%.via  Mobile Apps is finger ready. 

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Reading: Why businesses needs Apps?

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Reading: Why businesses needs Apps?
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